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It's been two months since I went to San Francisco for the Slow Food National Congress and Slow Food Nation, and I still feel the inspiration, energy, and encouragement from those dramatic events. 

The National Congress was a 2 1/2 day gathering of Slow Food Convivia Leaders, National Staff, and committee members from all over the country.  At every social event, meeting, seminar, meal, and breakout session, it was thoroughly energizing and inspirational to be surrounded by others as devoted to Slow Food values as I am.  Everyone there has worked to promote and support these values in their communities.  Many had effective events, programs, and connections to turn values into action.  Through the National office, we are all sharing our ideas and results for "Best Practices".   New chapters will have far more information to help them get started than we did a couple of years ago.

We heard fascinating speeches, learned of dramatic changes in the National Statute, and met Josh Viertel, the inspirational new President of Slow Food USA.  Much of this information has already been shared with Slow Food Members through the national e-newsletter, The Food Chain.  The new and much improved Slow Food USA website was launched, to better share more news and information.  Check it out, at

Slow Food Nation followed the Congress, with events, activities, food stands, Victory Garden, and more food events, throughout the Civic Center of San Francisco and Fort Mason.  This event brought the general public out to learn about, talk about, and experience Slow Food.  It touched me deeply to see such a tangible manifestation of the values and concepts that I had felt in my heart, and tried to bring to life and translate for you over the last couple of years. 

I have to say that the "best" part of Slow Food Nation was the "Food for Thought" speaker series, which presented the best and brightest educators, activists, and speakers in the food world in a variety of panel discussions.  You can enjoy all of these discussions by going to  Please go check out the yummy list of subjects, and sit back and enjoy.  The amount of knowledge, insight, and creative ideas in this one series is astounding.

As the National Congress flowed into Slow Food Nation, the National Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture was unveiled on the steps of the Rotunda of City Hall.  What a great document to bring our ideas together to present to our federal and state representatives.  If you have not yet read this, and signed it online, please do so now at  Spread the word. 

The only other representative from our community at Slow Food Nation was our friend Brian Campbell of Uprising Organics, who was there to be honored with the Betsy Lytton Award for his and his wife, Crystine Goldberg's seed business, Uprising Seeds.  This is an important national award, recognizing their contribution to the preservation of valuable Ark of Taste food seeds.  We should be proud of them, and support their dream by buying and growing their seeds, and enjoying the results.

My husband, Vince Streano, took some photos at Slow Food Nation, which you can see on our page Slow Food Nation in the Photo Gallery.

Thank you.

Carol Havens